The history of the Council is that most of the District seats have been funded over the years by special interests: developers, labor unions, County contractors and utility companies. Council Term limits have created an opportunity for grass roots candidates to be able to compete for open seats. It’s tough to beat the special interest candidates, but it can happen.

HOWEVER, to win a County-wide election costs a LOT of money - hundreds of thousands of dollars. No grass roots candidate can compete.

Developers - previously the main source of campaign contributions - are now prohibited from giving directly to Council candidates. Good? Well, no. This was set up by County Senators to control who gets on the Council and what they do. Developers (and other special interests) give their contributions to Senators who can then transfer funds to Council candidates or spend money on their behalf. The “ethics reform” of 2011 was an illusion that merely created another layer putting certain political leaders in control of which candidates will be the best funded.

If we add the new At-Large Seats, the favored Council candidates will then be placed on political slates and campaign together with their political patrons. In the end, the 2 At-Large winners will be beholden to someone other than you.

What Will Really Happen?

At-Large Council members will nominally represent every person in the County, but their interests will lie with those that got them elected. This occurs now with District-based members, as we see special zoning laws passed, sprawl development that makes no sense for the public good while Metro stations sit undeveloped, congested roads and over-crowded schools that see more development, unfunded repairs for schools and neighborhood streets, and so on.

Here is what will really happen:

  • To raise $300,000 or more to run Countywide, Developers and Special Interests will fund At-Large candidates.

  • At-Large candidates will rely on Senator & Executive Slates, hurting grassroots candidates.

  • Winning candidates will be responsive to the demands of their funders, NOT the People that vote for them.

It will be very difficult for grassroots candidates to compete. If Prince George’s County voters approve Question D, we will get the government we deserve, and it won’t be a good thing.

# Date Contributor Address Amount
1 09/30/2014 Technology Investors, LLC 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $4,000
2 09/30/2014 Maryland Science and Technolog CTR, LLC 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $4,000
3 09/30/2014 Maryland Science and Technology, LLC 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $4,000
4 10/02/2014 Lanham LLLP 10100 Business Parkway, Lanham MD 20706 $25,000
5 10/02/2014 MLK Beltway, LLC 10100 Business Parkway, Lanham MD 20706 $25,000
6 10/03/2014 Whittingdon, LLC 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $3,000
7 10/03/2014 Patapsco Avenue, LLC 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $3,000
8 10/03/2014 St. John Escrow 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $4,000
9 10/03/2014 Hawkins, Calvin 1110 Merganser, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 $50
10 10/03/2014 Knecht 2560 Lord Baltimore Dr, Baltimore, MD 21244 $3,000
11 10/14/2014 Community First Development Corp, LLC 4649 Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave, NE, Washington D.C. 20019 $6,000
12 10/17/2014 Prince George's County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics Assoc 16701 Melford Boulevard, Ste. 124 Bowie, MD 20715 $10,000
13 10/17/2014 Southern Management Corporation, Distribution Account 1950 Old Gallows, Vienna VA 22182 $5,000
14 10/21/2014 2 Research Place, LLC 2 Research Place, Ste. 100, Rockville, MD 20850 $1,000
15 10/21/2014 EBA Engineering Inc, Consulting Engineers 4813 Seton Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215 $2,500
16 10/22/2014 Gingles, LLC 11785 Beltsville Dr, Ste. 1350, Beltsville, MD 20705 $1,000
17 10/21/2014 Peterson, Jon 12500 Fair Lakes Circle, Ste. 400, Fairfax VA 22033 $5,000
18 10/21/2014 Peterson, Milton 12500 Fair Lakes Circle, Ste. 400, Fairfax VA 22033 $5,000
19 10/24/2014 Walton International Group (USA) Inc. 4800 N. Scottsdale Road, Ste. 400, Scottsdale AZ 85251 $20,000
20 10/30/2014 Milestone Tower Limited Partnership III 12110 Sunset Hills Road, Ste. 100, Reston, VA 20190 $5,000
21 10/31/2014 Comcast Coorporation & NBC Universal Political Action Committee One Comcast Center, 1701 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA 19103 $1,000
22 10/31/2014 Apartment and Office Building Association Maryland State PAC 1060 17th Street, N.W., Ste. 300, Washington D.C. 20036 $4,000
23 11/17/2014 Fraternal Order of Police, Prince George's County Lodge 89, Inc. PO Box 510, Lothian MD 20711 $2,000
TOTAL: $142,550